[pacman-dev] [PATCH] makepkg: Use a recursive, shallow clone for git://

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Wed Oct 29 00:55:19 UTC 2014

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 06:32:38PM -0600, Drew DeVault wrote:
> On 10/28/2014 06:26 PM, Dave Reisner wrote:
> > This is only true of recent versions of git. He was correct at the time
> > it was posted.
> Right, looking at the date on the bug that should be obvious. My bad.
> > Does this work with URLs like:
> > 
> >   git://example.com/repo.git?tag=v1.2.3
> Those don't work with makepkg as it stands now. It doesn't work after
> this patch is applied, either. If we wanted to make that work, we could
> do something more sophisticated to take advantage of the --branch option
> in git.

Not following -- this is even documented to work in PKGBUILD(5). Could
you provide an example where this fails using makepkg from git?


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