[pacman-dev] libalpm fails on a filesystem with a large blocksize

Astro Xe astroxeu at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 13 16:45:10 UTC 2015

Thanks! Changing rsize/wsize removes the disk space check error.

For posterity, including myself:

Indeed, from what I could gather from the archived discussions:
(and the subsequent message by Linus)
it seems that f_bsize originally meant "high-level block size for efficient I/O"
which explains why it's linked to rsize/wsize.

I was about to suggest f_frsize ("fragment size") as an alternative, but
a quick test reveals that it has the same value as f_bsize, on that very same
machine/NFS; which confirms Linus' suggestion for "optimal block size everywhere"
in the discussion linked above.
BTW I have checked the "one file per block" rule by successfully creating more
than 10000 files from that same client/NFS, so it seems that this result is
somehow allowed by the abstraction.

Thanks again

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