[pacman-dev] pacman files database operations

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 18 12:46:40 UTC 2015

Hi all,

On my "files" branch I have implemented some operations on the .files
databases.  (remember these are unconditionally created with the
repo-add in git now)

Download .files databases:
$ pacman -Fy
:: Synchronizing package databases...

List files in packages:
$ pacman -Fl abs
abs /etc/
abs /etc/abs.conf

Check file ownership using sync databases:
$ pacman -Fo /usr/bin/pacman
/usr/bin/pacman is owned by pacman 4.2.1-1

Search file lists:
$ pacman -Fs libpng.so
libpng 1.6.16-1: /usr/lib/libpng.so
darktable 1.6.7-1: /usr/lib/darktable/plugins/imageio/format/libpng.so
lib32-libpng 1.6.16-1: /usr/lib32/libpng.so

Search with regexes:
$ pacman -Fsx kcm.*print.*\.so
print-manager 15.04.2-1: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kcm_printer_manager.so
kmymoney 4.7.2-1: /usr/lib/kde4/kcm_kmm_printcheck.so

Anything else that is worth implementing before I do the much needed
rebase on that branch?


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