[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Add bacman manpage, fix #36419

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue May 12 23:58:36 UTC 2015

On 13/05/15 09:14, Pablo Lezaeta Reyes wrote:
>> On 12/06/14 14:37, prflr88 at gmail.com wrote:
>>> From: Pablo Lezaeta <prflr88 at gmail.com>
>>> This add bacman manpage (if I'm not missing something) for bacman.
>>> I think this manpage could be improved, but for a first draft (and a
>>> RFC) is ok.
>> Man page looks fine.   This should only be installed when contrib is
>> installed.  And we do not have a nice target for that  (currently we
>> need to do "make -C contrib install").
>> So the first step we need is to add a toplevel "make install-contrib"
>> target and then have that install the bacman manpage.
>> Allan
> Now pacman and pacman contrib are merged if I'm correct, so no more need of
> spliting.
> is fine now or do you think the spliting will banquished soon?
> Depending on that maybe I go for #36620 too.

They are still split - "make install" does not install contrib files.
"make -C contrib install" is needed.


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