[pacman-dev] Open up a place for BUILDENV extensions

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 2 00:36:18 UTC 2016

On 02/04/16 09:14, Que Quotion wrote:
> That could be fixed very easily, but again: copy pasta from tidy.sh. If
> you have a problem with this code--you should have a problem with that
> code too. Furthermore, as I have suggested in the forum (and posted a
> patch for), the first thing I would do with this if it were up to me is
> move ccache and distcc out of makepkg and ship them as builenv_ext
> scripts. Then you'd be shipping something that makes this unsafe code
> work just the way the same unsafe code works in tidy.sh.

The tidy and {package,pkgbuild}_lint passes, all started by moving as
much as possible out of makepkg itself and into libmakepkg.  Once that
was done, then the ability to extend those passes was added.

That is the order things need to be done for the buildenv setup too.  I
have not commented on your patch because I require the time to look into
whether moving all that outside of makepkg is even plausible.  And if I
spend that much time looking into whether it can be done, I might as
well do it...

Until that time, there is no need to bump your patch.  It is not lost
(we have a patchwork instance tracking all submitted patches), and the
next release is a long time away.


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