[pacman-dev] Please make the colourised output exactly like that of "pacman-color"

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 04:06:29 UTC 2016

> Hey, late to the party, and I get the sense this patch set isn't going
> to fly, so I hope I'm not adding salt to the wound.

You're not really late to the party: you might recall contributing to this
thread on June 6, 2013.

What bothered me about the pacman-color patch was how half-hazard the
> -Si/-Qi colouring is. The important bits (to me, of course) aren't
> colourized. The repository and URL are not very important. Dependency
> information, on the other hand, is. 90% of the time I search the pacman
> database, what I care about is the description and the dependencies -
> both demphasized with their implemented colouring scheme.

Maybe the description and dependencies can be given other colours once my
patch is included.

> By attempting to colourizing individual fields IMHO we'll either end up
> with a soup of colours that ends up more distracting then informational,
> or we make the wrong choice, emphasizing the wrong stuff and making the
> output harder to read. The current way is at least a nice balance that
> doesn't fall into either pitfalls.

In order to be consistent, the repository, name, version, and groups should
all be coloured.

The pacman -Sl output, these days, is too colourful in my opinion and I
> kinda regret it. I do wish it less bright. Something closer to only the
> package name and maybe the "[installed]" bit should have colour.

I think it looks good; the colours are so different from each other that
there's no confusion.

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