[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Added better colourisation support for the "-{Q, S}i" operation.

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 04:38:48 UTC 2016

> Urm, to just add my two cents here, but I'm assuming xavion has grown
> used to the former pacman-color. As someone who is regularly annoyed
> the fuck out of by things that change outside of my control and as I'm
> not really over the no longer so recent coreutils ls(1) change,
> seriously. We're geeks and we know where we want moving parts, and
> sometimes we just need something that stays the same even across
> project boundaries and/or merges, if I'm reading this correctly. If
> this justification doesn't count, take this as a call decision,
> because I don't think there's any party with any other more relevant
> argument.

Cool, I think someone has finally spoken up in my defence (assuming I read
that correctly).  Consistency is the name of the game here, and the current
"-{Q,S}i" output falls well short of the mark in that regard.

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