[pacman-dev] Fix/enforce PATH with makepkg (required for Python packages)

Daniel Hahler genml+pacman-dev at thequod.de
Mon Jan 25 19:08:12 UTC 2016

On 25.01.2016 03:39, Allan McRae wrote:

>> (In the case of pacaur, a package is meant to be installed system-wide and therefore the system's "python" should be used also.)
> Neither makepkg or any wrapper should touch the system path.  How can
> they distinguish needed additions to the PATH from unneeded ones?

I can see the point, but then it's also a matter/responsibility of the package manager (or packages) to use the package manager's version of the build tools - especially with Python or other tools, where it's common to use isolated environments by changing PATH.

And I can also see that it would get into your way if you would like to use some special PATH by yourself.

Would it be a good practice to use /usr/bin/python in the PKGBUILD then explicitly?


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