[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v5.0.0, created. v5.0.0

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Jan 30 00:19:07 UTC 2016

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The annotated tag, v5.0.0 has been created
        at  717b490179b45158b000fa3476b78172bc643469 (tag)
   tagging  fea9abc8db3b8161ab32774a0ddd7c405cfbe44f (commit)
  replaces  v4.2.1
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Sat Jan 30 10:18:13 2016 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
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Aaron Campbell (1):
      Refactor lint_source to work with earlier versions of Bash

Alastair Hughes (2):
      Updated the documentation for makepkg's -L option.
      Replace mktemp's --tmpdir option with shell code.

Allan McRae (159):
      Improve db upgrade error message
      _alpm_delta_dup: free memory on error
      depmiss_new: free memory on error
      build_payload: free memory on error
      Fix memory leak in ALPM_EVENT_OPTDEP_REMOVAL callback
      pacman/util.c: fix potential memory leak in indentprint
      _alpm_dep_dup: free memory on error
      _alpm_delta_parse: free memory on error
      _alpm_db_get_pkgcache_hash: check for error when loading pkgcache
      _alpm_db_new: free memory on error
      local_db_read: fix memory leak on error
      _alpm_conflict_dup: fix memory leak on error
      alpm_dep_from_string: free memory on error
      _alpm_split_backup: free memory on error
      create_tempfile: fix memory leak on error
      add_fileconflict: free memory on error
      _alpm_runscriptlet: free memory on error
      conflict_new: free memory on error
      mount_point_list: free memory on error
      Merge branch 'maint'
      pacsort: fix memory leak
      apply_deltas: fix memory leak on error
      _alpm_recursedeps: free memory on error
      Initialize memory to prevent issues when freeing on error
      _alpm_db_add_pkgincache: free potential memory leak
      _alpm_run_chroot: only close working directory if it was opened
      Remove logically dead code in _alpm_local_db_write
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Clarify "assume installed" error message
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Split install reason changing into its own function
      Integrate testdb into pacman
      Document database checking options
      Remove testdb
      add alpm_pkg_get_base() to README
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add make rule to update copyright years
      pmenv.py: Fix typo in copyright assignment
      Update copyright notices for 2015
      makepkg: split message functions into libmakepkg
      makepkg: rename other_options to build_options
      makepkg: split PKGBUILD/makepkg.conf option checking to libmakepkg
      makepkg: split package tidying into libmakepkg
      Merge branch 'maint'
      repo-add: improve removing old packages
      repo-add: clarify invalid repo extension message
      repo-add: unify checking gpg keys
      repo-add: only backup database signature if database was backed up
      repo-add: improve delta file detection on removal
      libmakepkg: move package checking out of tidy_install
      libmakepkg: make package tidy functions extendable
      libmakepkg: make package checking functions extendable
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Update release history
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix memory leaks in dump_pkg_full
      parse_descfile: fix memory leak in error case
      Abort of failure to add version file to empty local database
      pacsort: test string is not NULL before strlen
      sync_cleandb: ensure stat call succeeds
      calculate_removed_size: ensure llstat succeeds
      libmakepkg: move helper functions into tidy/strip
      Update PKGBUILD-split.proto allowed overrides
      Merge branch 'maint'
      repo-add: move database rotation into its own function
      repo-add: move database creation into its own function
      repo-add: only update database if entire command succeeded
      repo-add: check early for xdelta if it is needed
      repo-add: remove duplication finding old package details
      Always create files database
      update repo-add documentation for removal of -f flag
      PKGBUILD.5: have epoch directly following pkgver/pkgrel
      makepkg: write validpgpkeys to .SRCINFO
      repo-add: merge desc and depends files
      Update source URL
      Pluralize callback string
      Silence warning from clang
      libmakepkg: fix test bracket style
      libmakepkg: move functions for extracting pkgbuild attributes
      libmakepkg: extract in_array
      libmakepkg: extract PKGBUILD linting functions
      makepkg: merge validate_pkgver into check_pkgver
      makepkg: put further restrictions on pkgbase
      Simplify libmakepkg .gitignore
      libmakepkg: extract get_full_version and get_pkg_arch
      libmakepkg: extract more utility functions
      libmakepkg: move more functions for extracting information from PKGBIULDs
      libmakepkg: fix test style
      libmakepkg: extract functions for handling source URLs
      libmakepkg: extract functions for source download and extraction
      Do not warn about downgrades when only downloading package
      Do not warn about packages that optionally require a removal when ignoring deps
      Simplify sync_cleandb
      Fix formatting in parsearg_upgrade
      Allow frontends to specify the sync database extension
      Read file lists from databases
      Add pacman support for .files databases
      pacman: move database syncing to util.c
      Prototype pacman files database operations
      Implement locating file owner in sync files database
      Implement listing files from sync packages
      Implement searching for a file in the sync databases
      Add regex search option to sync database file searching
      Handle repo/pkg style arguments to sync repo file listing
      libmakepkg: lint_package requires cd_safe
      pacman/files.c: fix memory leak on regex error
      libmakepkg: move color settings to function
      Remove ko_KR translation
      pacman.8: Consistently refer to the package database
      libmakepkg: util/pkgbuild.sh needs processing on build
      libmakepkg: check if PKGBUILD variables are arrays or not as appropriate
      makepkg: remove FORCE_VER variable
      libmakepkg: update .gitignore
      libmakepkg: return 1 on error in arch array
      libmakepkg: remove declaration of unused local variables
      makepkg: remove ability to build individual packages
      Do not print any root prefix in files database operations
      contrib/checkupdates: separate fakeroot call and command
      Ignore cov-int directory for Coverity scan
      Pluralize malloc failure string
      Remove space before ellipses
      makepkg: separate "sourcefile" into two words
      libmakepkg: fix pkgver checking
      scripts/po: fix translated file name
      lint_pkgbuild: explicitly return value
      makepkg: remove obsolete comment
      makepkg: merge arch dependent variables after PKGBUILD linting
      lint_pkgbuild/variable: increase robustness
      Add large file support CFLAGS to pkgconfig file
      Detect potential conflict when symlink to directory is changing to directory
      makepkg: record build information in .BUILDINFO
      Pull translations from Transifex and prepare for next release
      Collect all triggered hooks before running them
      Show progress processing hooks
      alpm-hooks: add Description field
      Give error message when --files will do nothing
      makepkg: run pkgver() and prepare() with --noextract
      Do not warn about missing files in NoExtract
      Update copyright years for 2016
      Update README for pacman-5.0
      Update NEWS for pacman-5.0
      Cast events to void* before passing to callback
      Pull translations updates from Transifex
      makepkg: do not run prepare() and pkgver() with --repackage
      Remove spacing when outputting package sizes
      PKGBUILD.5: document split package depends are not used during packaging
      makepkg.conf.5: document option arguments in DLAGENTS need spaces escaped
      pacman.8: document --hookdir
      pacman.conf.5: document system hook directory
      bash_completion: update makepkg completion
      bash_completion: update pacman completion
      Add HookDir to example pacman.conf
      Create makepkg-template and system hook directories upon install
      Update translations
      Release 5.0.0

Andrew Gregory (82):
      add vim modeline to test files
      use tap.sh for bash tests
      add tap_ prefix to test helper functions
      be_package.c: fix style violation
      initialize pointers passed to _alpm_pkg_dup
      conf.c: store repo settings in dedicated struct
      conf.c: use masks for siglevel inheritance
      conf.c: parse config in a single pass
      ini.c: remove final callback call
      ini.c: move Include parsing to conf.c
      ini.c: remove unnecessary helper function
      ini.c: remove empty section name restriction
      ini.c: remove useless key check
      ini.c: move error output into conf.c
      extract_single_file: consolidate needbackup checks
      extract_single_file: reduce indentation
      extract_single_file: factor out db file extraction
      extract_single_file: use full path in messages
      remove support for .pacorig files
      extract_single_file: use .pacnew for check files
      extract_single_file: consolidate extraction logic
      sync_prepare: exclude removals from resolvedeps
      remove: use strcmp for files in skip_remove
      add_entry_to_files_list: pass filelist directly
      be_package: fallback to standard filelist loading
      close stdin before running install scripts
      pacsort: fix warning about signed overflow potential during comparison.
      merge _alpm_logaction into alpm_logaction
      alpm_logaction: check logfile before opening
      alpm_logaction: allow falling back to syslog
      alpm_logaction: implement documented return value
      Fix overflow warnings
      check dep versions before calling strcmp
      check assumeinstalled for meaningful mod
      copy assumeinstalled options
      fill in name_hash for assumeinstalled options
      sortbydeps: skip local packages being updated
      move strtrim to util-common
      move ini parser into common
      check fileconflicts and diskspace outside commit
      handle: add hookdirs option
      add hook data types and parser
      run hooks during trans_commit
      validate hooks after parsing
      pacman: add user hook directories
      pactest: use pacman --hookdir option
      util.py: return the created path
      pactest: add hook/script support
      add hook tests
      order hooks by file name
      hook.c: print invalid option name
      add alpm-hooks man page
      _alpm_hook_run: check path length before copying
      ensure realloc has a positive size
      add --quiet to -Fh
      add detail to broken dependency errors
      files.c: add vim modeline
      files: do not unnecessarily strdup targets
      files_search: free compiled regex
      files_search: reset found for each target
      pmrule.py: add FILE_CONTENTS rule
      tap.py: replace newlines with escape sequence
      allow arguments in hook Exec fields
      allow specifying input to scriptlets
      hooks: pass matched targets to hooks
      run_chroot: always clear script output buffer
      always unlink files before extraction
      skip conflicts resolved by file replacement
      handle_unlock: return 0 if lockfile == NULL
      add and expose alpm_unlock
      pacman: exit without memory cleanup on signals
      do not catch SIGTERM
      remove SIG_IGN check when setting signal handler
      avoid unsafe functions in signal handler
      move signal handlers to sighandler.[ch]
      extract SIGWINCH handler
      extract SIGSEGV handler
      extract soft interrupt handlers
      remove soft interrupt handler before cleanup
      db_update: always clear db flags after update
      alpm_run_chroot: remove dead code
      add alpm_list_append

Benjamin Yates (1):
      makepkg: fix $pkgname element duplication

Charles Duffy (1):
      Fix compilation if libarchive headers are not in standard location

Charles Pigott (1):
      Actually return the error value of check_db_local

Christian Hesse (3):
      remove globbing for upx and make UPXFLAGS an array variable
      add option to optimize PNG images with optipng
      fix source package signing with SRCPKGDIR set

Daniel Hahler (1):
      zsh_completion: add -q/--quiet for -Q/-S

Daniel Wallace (1):
      Update zsh completion for pacman 5

Dave Reisner (3):
      makepkg: call out the source array(s) missing checksums
      makepkg: print the name of the source array being checked
      dont remove x bit when marking pkgdir RO

David Macek (5):
      Allow UPX compression for DOS/Win executables
      makepkg: Empty/create only $pkgdir's relevant to current PKGBUILD
      Fix comment in alpm_db_update
      libalpm: Do a sanity check before manipulating final DB URL
      alpm_initialize: Fix double slash in sys hook dir path

Dominik Fischer (2):
      makepkg-template: support multiple --template-dirs
      test version range restrictions corner case

Evangelos Foutras (3):
      checkupdates: show error when fakeroot is missing
      checkupdates: include package versions in output
      pacdiff: do not require DIFFPROG for -o/--output

Florian Pritz (15):
      makepkg-template: Remove linenumber/file from errors
      Add testrunner for makepkg-template
      test makepkg-template: Add invalid-key
      test makepkg-template: Add invalid-template-line-missing-name
      test makepkg-template: Add invalid-template-line-unknown-marker
      test makepkg-template: Add keep-old-version
      test makepkg-template: Add missing-template-file
      test makepkg-template: Add missing-template-symlink
      test makepkg-template: Add name-charset-invalid
      test makepkg-template: Add name-charset-valid
      test makepkg-template: Add template-without-version
      test makepkg-template: Add update-version-with-newest-option
      Document pacman -F
      Add -F --machinereadable option
      makepkg: Output full URL in case of download failure

Ivy Foster (2):
      Make get_pkg_arch treat arch as an array
      Add makepkg option --packagelist

Jan Steffens (3):
      libmakepkg: Add check_buildoption for distcc and ccache
      makepkg: Correctly layer distcc and ccache
      makepkg: Set CCACHE_BASEDIR to make paths in $srcdir relative

Johannes Löthberg (9):
      libalpm: Parse and write PKGBASEs
      libalpm: Add accessors for the base field
      PKGBUILD.5.txt: Add note about functions starting in $srcdir
      PKGBUILD.5.txt: Clarify note about variables available
      util.c: table_display: Fix incorrect docstring
      repo-add: Generate unarmored DB signature
      makepkg: Add flag for printing SRCINFO to stdout
      repo-add: Reject armored signatures
      doc: alpm-hooks.5: Remove extra space in alpm-hooks man page

Levente Polyak (1):
      ensure matching database and package version

Lukas Fleischer (1):
      Match providers when showing optdep install status

Luke (1):
      makepkg: add whirlpool to the list of hashing algorithms

Maxim Andersson (1):
      paccache: added --quiet option

Mohammad Alsaleh (4):
      pkgdelta: Use high compression options offered by xdelta3
      makepkg: Fix hard-coded debug suffix
      zsh_completion: Add --asdeps/--asexplicit to -U options
      zsh_completion: Handle --ignore/--ignoregroup correctly

Olivier Brunel (2):
      alpm: Abort ASAP on failure in pre-transaction hooks

Pierre Neidhardt (7):
      PKGBUILD.5: post_*() are functions, not scripts
      package.c: Remove obsolete param from doc
      package.c: Comment style
      HACKING: Allow the use of 'sizeof' on values
      Use ARRAYSIZE macro for non-string array size computation
      Align titles automatically in information display
      package.c: Fix incorrect buffersize and constant-folding

Rikard Falkeborn (9):
      pacman/util.c: Fix memory leak if realloc fails
      pacsort: handle failing list_add
      pacsort: don't overwrite memory if realloc fails
      pacsort: clean up if error
      Alpm, check for NULL in free-functions
      Use correct format specifiers
      Make alpm_graph state signedness explicit
      pacsort, introduce define for escape_char error code
      Add pacsort tests with invalid input

Sebastian Lackner (1):
      libalpm: Force update when database is marked as corrupted.

Silvan Jegen (1):
      Refactor strtrim function

Wieland Hoffmann (1):
      makepkg-template.1: Clarify which file version-less markers use

Will Miles (2):
      util: Use util-common for strndup in pacsort and pactree
      common: Avoid errors on systems that define strnlen but not strndup

Zuyi Hu (1):
      Fix testing of arrays status for arch specific variables


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