[pacman-dev] [translation]

Slobodan Terzić githzerai06 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 15:28:50 UTC 2016

нед, 10. јул 2016. у 23.26 Viktor Alojzije Ćorić <viktor_coric94 at hotmail.com>
је написао/ла:

> I've translated what could be translated.
> I've used poedit, I did not
>  follow the exact instructions from your translation help, so can you
> please let me know if I did something wrong so I can correct it.
> Also, this is my first contribution to the community :)
> Cheers!

Hello, Viktor.

Pacman is translated via Transifex for quite some time now. You have been
using very old instructions and very old translation catalogue.


As it appears, Croatian translation is 50% done there, perhaps you could
try and contact existing translators and help finish the other half?


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