[pacman-dev] Transifex - Was: [PATCH] Fix typo in german translation

Matthias Gorissen matthias at archlinux.de
Mon Jun 27 09:58:25 UTC 2016

Am 27.06.2016 07:37, schrieb Allan McRae:
> On 27/06/16 02:32, Matthias Gorissen wrote:
>> As an aside, I should also note that outscourcing translations to
>> Transifex was one of the worst decisions ever made on this list.
>> Transifex lacks a decent VCS, which means that I cannot easily see
>> changes done by my collaborators. Things were way much easier when 
>> just
>> used git. And we can get a seperate git-repo anywhere for free.
> You can use the transifex client to pull the changes then commit it to 
> a
> local repo. A simple script could be run each day. I know its far from
> an ideal solution, and you still to go to transifex to look at the
> change history...
> This has simplified things a lot from the handling of translation files
> at the pacman end.
> A
Since you have seemed to grasped the basic message ("Matt hates 
Transifex!"), I don't want to make any fuzz about it. Devs make 
decisions, translators try to deliver in time.

A local repo (which I would own as leader of just one local-language 
community) is an awkward work-around, and somewhat against the 
principles of decentralization and collaborative work inspired by git. 
The crucial point here is that devs work continuasly, while translators 
get active only once or twice a year. So we will stick with the solution 
most comfortable at the dev-side.

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