[pacman-dev] Please make the colourised output exactly like that of "pacman-color"

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:31:31 UTC 2016

Dear All,

I'm very sorry that it has taken me so long to come back to this thread.  I
got bogged down with other things, and there was also the procrastination
factor at play.

I have remerged my colourisation patch into the latest (Git) 'pacman'
codebase.  I will attempt to post it to this thread via "git format-patch"
soon.  I'm new to that command, so let's hope nothing goes wrong.

Refer to these screenshots <http://imgur.com/a/DL4ky> for a visual on how
certain pacman operations will look if my patch is accepted.  If so, and
when time permits, I can look into the prospect of colourising further
pacman functionality.

Regards, Xavion.

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