[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Added better colourisation support for certain operations: * Package Information: -Si and -Qi * Install Group: -S (group)

Xavion xavion.0 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 00:46:14 UTC 2016

Hi Allan,

-     pm_asprintf(&str, "%s (%zu)", _("Packages"),
>> alpm_list_count(targets));
>> +     pm_asprintf(&str, "%s (%zu):", _("Packages"),
>> alpm_list_count(targets));
> The first thing I look at is an unrelated change...

How was that the first thing you looked at?  It's the seventh change in the
fifth file of the patch.  Do your eyes have inbuilt magnetisation or

It's not really unrelated either, as you had told me not to colour this
heading yellow (like in "pacman-color").  When I was reverting the code, I
noticed that the trailing colon was missing.  Are you seriously saying that
you want said colon in a patch all by itself?

> I asked for small self contained patches that change only one area at a
> time.  This makes things a lot easier to review and ensures unrelated
> changes such as the able do not appear.  I will not look at this further
> until that is provided.

You're a hard taskmaster, Chief.  I'm not really sure of what you're
wanting.  Here's what you requested from me:

So, I'd like separate patches:

> -Si/-Qi: just those changes
> -S group dialog: just those changes

> -Qo/-Fo can have the same done
> and anywhere else that is currently not consistent.

Due to the line breaks, I took this to mean that you wanted two patches in
total.  The first was to contain all of the changes to -Si, -Qi and -S
(group), while the second should deal with -Qo/-Fo and the rest.

I'm now guessing that you want -Si and -Qi in a patch by themselves, and -S
(group) in a separate one.  Is this correct, or do you want -Si and -Qi to
be in separate patches as well?

Regards, Xavion.

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