[pacman-dev] makepkg - separate build nodeps and runtime nodeps

Brendan Hide brendan at swiftspirit.co.za
Fri Oct 21 10:31:55 UTC 2016

Good day, all

Is there a parameter for makepkg that ignores runtime dependencies but 
does not ignore build-time dependencies?

Long version:
I prefer using a custom cower/makepkg script (as a user) followed by 
pacman (as root) over using yaourt. I regularly come across the 
situation where a package has several runtime dependencies that I'm also 
about to build and install. The result used to be the following before I 
realised I could use --nodeps:

build a (error, rundeps b >= old and d >= old)
build b (error, rundeps d >= old
build d (error, rundeps c >= old)
build c
install c
build d
install d
build c
install c
build a
install a

So of course I now bypass all of this by using makepkg --nodeps:

build a
build b
build c
build d
install a b c d

Sometimes however that will result in errors due to build time 
dependencies being ignored.

Instead, I would like to specify "--noruntimedeps" - or some similar 
flag, so I see potential build time dependencies immediately but also 
ignore run time dependencies that are going to be installed anyway.

One obscure use I see for this is that it could make it simpler to build 
pkg files that are intended to be installed on a separate system.

Brendan Hide

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