[pacman-dev] (no subject)

ivy.foster at gmail.com ivy.foster at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 02:03:49 UTC 2016

For now, I'm just sending in the malloc patch (which, of course, now
only frees variables that exist in the original source, not ones
invented for the previous patches).

To quickly recap an irc conversation with agregory, it looks like
implementing checks before overwriting the db is more complicated if
doing it properly (that is, downloading the newdb to a tempfile,
rather than moving the olddb out of the way and then moving it back if
need be). The downloader curl_download_internal (via _alpm_download)
seems to expect a directory argument, rather than a filename (it
appends the remote filename to the local path).

I'll definitely try the checks patch again, though probably not in the
next couple of days.


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