[pacman-dev] Is there an architectural document for pacman

Wink Saville wink at saville.com
Fri Jan 13 22:41:59 UTC 2017

Today pacman didn't behave the way I expected so I asked a question on
the arch linux newbie list
(https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1683611) and got the
basic question answered. But the other question was a request for
links to "understand how pacman works".

I've done some searching and really didn't find what I was looking
for, I'm a programmer so I'm looking for an "architectural document",
is there such a thing? The README file in the sources doesn't go into
much as detail as I was looking for, so is there anything more? Or
maybe it just "Read the sources".

-- Wink

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