[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v5.0.2, created. v5.0.2

Andrew Gregory andrew at archlinux.org
Mon Jun 5 14:04:31 UTC 2017

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v5.0.2 has been created
        at  95fd1a379aa279da7f2260ae6c269f3c333c5238 (tag)
   tagging  0c633c27eaeab2a9d30efb01199579896ccf63c9 (commit)
  replaces  v5.0.1
 tagged by  Andrew Gregory
        on  Sat Jun 3 22:21:35 2017 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------


Alad Wenter (1):
      libmakepkg: generate all scripts

Alastair Hughes (3):
      makepkg: ignore the architecture for --printsrcinfo
      Remove AC_FUNC_MALLOC check.
      Add missing newline in paclog-pkglist help output

Allan McRae (17):
      Update NEWS for pacman-5.0.1
      libmakepkg: fix is_array function
      libmakepkg: ensure emptydir find command acts on individual directories
      Do not add root prefix twice when checking database files
      PKGBUILD.5: document that the pkgver() function runs after prepare()
      Consider provides when labelling optdepends status as pending install
      Consider provides when warning about optdepnd removal
      Use versions specified in optdepends
      repo-add: do not alter the database if only verifying signature
      Prevent wrapping of enum items
      Avoid logical OR duplication warning from gcc-6
      Fix typo in pacman-db-upgrade usage message
      Fix memory leak in remove_notify_needed_optdepends
      Move bash/zsh completion out of contrib
      Ensure makepkg-wrapper is built after makepkg
      Prepare translations for 5.0.2 release
      Pull translation changes for 5.0.2

Andrew Gregory (8):
      use multi-byte character matching for user input
      recursedeps: include cyclic dependencies
      hook.c: replace readdir_r with readdir
      hook.c: replace fstatat with stat
      unlink_file: strip trailing slashes
      extract db files with dbonly
      update NEWS for v5.0.2
      Release v5.0.2

Armin K (1):
      libalpm: Use archive_read_extract2

Ashley Whetter (1):
      pacsort help clearly states that files contain inputs to be sorted

Christian Hesse (4):
      libalpm.3: add link to alpm-hooks(5) in see also
      pacman.8: add link to alpm-hooks(5) in see also
      libalpm/signing: support EDDSA from gpgme 1.7.0
      add generated scripts to gitignore

Dave Reisner (1):
      makepkg.conf: add -g to default curl options

Eli Schwartz (1):
      bash-completion: fix leaking "files" array into shell environment

Eric Engestrom (1):
      fix spelling mistakes

Fabio Castell (1):
      repo-add: fix error in directories with a space in their name

Giulio Fidente (1):
      Merge Giolio Fidente into "Pacman Development Team" contribution

Ivy Foster (2):
      lib/libalpm/be_sync.c: Close memory leaks when mallocing while out of memory
      Do not #define _RESERVED_IDENTIFIERS

Jack O'Connor (1):
      libmakepkg: look for architecture-specific hashes in get_integlist

Leonid Isaev (1):
      Use a more generic regexp when parsing output of gpg(1) in signature verification.

Levente Polyak (1):
      fix --printsrcinfo unify arch and non-arch specific variables

Lukas Fleischer (1):
      pacman.8: fix typo in the documentation of --asexplicit

Martin Kühne (1):
      Use f_bavail for diskspace calculations

Olivier Brunel (1):
      configure.ac: Fix handling --with-libcurl

Rikard Falkeborn (3):
      Fix gcc strict-overflow error
      Return boolean from db_populate
      Change type of count in be_sync

Tobias Stoeckmann (4):
      Always use proper error code in alpm_initialize.
      Release resources on error paths.
      Reject files larger than 16384 bytes in read_sigfile.
      Handle all POSIX compliant systems in mbscasecmp.


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