[pacman-dev] Behaviour on -Scc flag

beest gnubeest at zoho.com
Sun Nov 26 16:14:42 UTC 2017

On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 12:11:36PM +0000, Filip Matzner wrote:
> I would like to discuss the behaviour of
> pacman -Scc --noconfirm
> Currently, it does not clean any package in the cache dir, because the
> default answer is 'N'. In my opinion it should clean the packages, since
> there are already two 'c's in the flag, so the user probably knows what is
> he doing. I believe there should be "yesno" instead of "noyes" on
> /pacman/sync.c:191
> <https://git.archlinux.org/pacman.git/tree/src/pacman/sync.c#n191>. What do
> you think?

Use paccache for non-interactive cache cleaning. Passing two clean flags
means "completely erase the cache", not "I really mean it for serious".
Performing a potentially destructive operation should not somehow make
it more likely to default to "Y".

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