[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v5.2.0, created. v5.2.0

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Oct 21 09:55:22 UTC 2019

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The annotated tag, v5.2.0 has been created
        at  577ac132f917a0e974138f4f0e804d39b74d6a19 (tag)
   tagging  8ce20d3754769845f0b3452b06db2e1792108ec9 (commit)
  replaces  v5.1.1
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Mon Oct 21 19:54:32 2019 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Deltas were overrated


Alad Wenter (1):
      makepkg: propagate E_REMOVE_BUILD_DEPS

Alex Butler (1):
      Add lz4 compression support to makepkg

Allan McRae (27):
      Remove the last traces of the pacman --force option
      Remove Doxyfile from EXTRA_DIST
      configure.ac: use $datarootdir instead of $prefix/share
      be_local.c: remove aligment in local_pkg_ops
      Add -fstack-clash-protection to CFLAGS in debug builds if available
      libalpm/sync.c: change alpm_sync_newversion() to alpm_sync_get_new_version()
      Add [ignored] to -Qu output for packages in repos that are not Usage = Upgrade
      Fix typo in pacman man page
      makepkg: use --unneeded for pacman call in remove_deps()
      I blame everyone but me for this
      Add implicit fall through warning
      Remove delta support from repo-add
      Remove pkgdelta
      Remove cleanupdelta
      Make pacman forget deltas exist
      Remove support for deltas from libalpm
      Use bug tracker to track bugs
      Fix compiler warnings with gcc-9.1
      makepkg: do not exit immediately on dependency install failures
      Prepare translations for next release
      makepkg.conf.5: Document PACKAGER format requirements
      makepkg: wait for process to finish
      Pull and push translation changes in preparation for 5.2
      Translation updates
      Update README for pacman 5.2.0 release
      Final translation updates for pacman-5.2.0
      Release v5.2.0

Andrew Gregory (24):
      reset signal handlers before running scripts/hooks
      handle EINTR while polling scripts/hooks
      add specific error for missing gpg support
      always allow explicit empty siglevel for sync dbs
      require actual siglevel for default
      common/ini: remove unnecessary alpm include
      add missing tests to meson.build
      check localdb before upgrading package
      update NEWS for v5.0.2
      update NEWS for v5.1.2
      silence warning when built without curl
      remove unused test summary code
      tap.py: add skip_all function
      allow tests for disabled features to be skipped
      Sanitize file name received from Content-Disposition header
      makepkg: restrict pkgname and pkgver to ascii
      hooks: rename type File to Path
      use consistent time notation for the log
      sighandler: block signals while handling SIGSEGV
      create coredump on segfault
      move wordsplit into common for sharing
      add arg_to_string helper
      run XferCommand via exec
      remove: improve broken dependency error message

Austin Lund (2):
      makepkg: Ignore "<artificial>" source files
      makepkg: Delete logpipe when exiting

Chloe Kudryavtsev (1):
      libmakepkg: Add lzip ext support

Christian Hesse (2):
      signing: modify question text with unknwon uid
      signing: handle unknown uid in key import

Dave Reisner (19):
      common/ini: Depend on util-common, not util
      Remove unused checks for strcoll and mktime
      doc: use more implicit rules to build manpages
      pacman/conf: Remove unused include
      Port pactest to python3
      Drop vestiges of SIZECMD
      Dynamically generate Doxyfile from input
      Add meson.build files to build with meson
      meson: add a wrapper to bootstrap scripts from within build dir
      meson: separate out wrapped from non-wrapped scripts
      buildsys: remove size_to_human
      scripts/meson: ensure wrapper scripts are executable
      Enable additional debug flags/logging with debugoptimized builds
      free makedepends/checkdepends when freeing packages
      meson: drop checks for things we don't use
      meson: port over checks for types used from sys/types.h
      build-aux: detect build dir based on build.ninja
      meson: remove tap-driver.py, use meson's TAP protocol
      dload: never return NULL from get_filename

David Phillips (2):
      Change if-else chain to switch
      User-visible log when validity check fails due to access

Eli Schwartz (95):
      scripts/completion: derive the bash completion directory from pkg-config
      makepkg: when signing packages, report package filename on failure
      configure: bump the minimum version of bash to 4.4
      libmakepkg/util: use parameter transformation when checking variable type
      scripts: pass on options such as set -x to child processes
      makepkg: don't save the same shopts twice
      makepkg: fix pkgver() function not aborting on errors
      makepkg: don't print status for run_function when in a subshell
      Revert "makepkg: add whirlpool to the list of hashing algorithms"
      scripts: deduplicate localized copyright messages
      pacman: check versioned optdepends in -Qi operation
      libmakepkg/lint_config: fix lint_variable actually running the PKGBUILD lint
      makepkg: reject PKGBUILDs with both split and non-split package functions
      makepkg: add support for the zst format
      repo-add: add support for the zst format
      bash-completion: don't complete filenames when they're not wanted
      bash-completion: disable completions for pacman --search operations
      makepkg: use bash 4.4 to localize `set` without explicitly saving/restoring
      makepkg: use builtin globbing to print files in package
      makepkg: send messages to stdout rather than stderr
      message.sh: add modifications from output_format.sh
      Port scripts to use libmakepkg's messaging code.
      pacman-key: just accept one file to verify, and enforce detached sigs
      makepkg: fix .PKGINFO/.BUILDINFO files swallowing status printing
      repo-add: print the name of the database when extracting
      makepkg: if "!buildflags" and "debug" coincide, unset the debug buildflags too
      build-aux: rm annoying and useless file
      meson: be more accurate in comments when generating processed scripts
      scripts: fix repo-remove/elephant Makefile targets
      scripts: fix some inaccurate Makefile targets, and be more templated
      autotools: be more accurate in comments when generating processed scripts
      scripts: make repo-add utilize a wrapper as well
      Make `make distcheck` work when bash-completion is installed.
      libmakepkg/executable: don't rely on scoped value of $ret to flag outcomes
      meson: remove useless mkdir -p
      meson: install the directories needed for successful pacman operation
      meson: add trailing slashes to directory components in configuration defines
      repo-remove: fix removing packages with deltas
      repo-add: don't break if delta package sources contain epoch
      makepkg: add internal variable to track when we're building a package
      makepkg: fix broken check for the fakeroot binary
      libmakepkg/lint_pkgbuild: check for invalid variables even if they're empty
      makepkg: fix unguarded use of printf
      libmakepkg: add routine for linting $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
      libmakepkg: simplify splitting command output into array
      makepkg: return E_PKGBUILD_ERROR for nonexistent PKGBUILD
      meson: fix regression that broke building libmakepkg
      doc: keep manpages and html pages in sync
      doc: add a couple missing manpages from the html index
      update a bunch of links for https and to adapt to changing domains
      meson: fix website target
      libmakepkg: make gettext replacements more templated
      libmakepkg: optimize get_protocol to always return proto, not proto+uri
      libmakepkg: implement extendable source protocols
      libmakepkg: Implement extendable signature verification
      build: link vercmp with a static copy of libalpm
      makepkg: implement locking for pacman commands
      makepkg: simplify run_pacman logic
      libmakepkg: migrate to schema.sh for integsums
      meson: fix static/shared split again
      makepkg: add new checksum algorithm via coreutils b2sum
      build: remove references to variable replacements from pacman-optimize
      build: check for gpgme with pkg-config before gpgme-config
      makepkg: use "shared" git clones when checking out sources
      libmakepkg: fix reporting of invalid archive extensions in compress.sh
      doc: generalize description of the bash nature of PKGBUILD functions
      bash-completion: support file redirection completions
      libmakepkg: fix migration to schema.sh for integsums
      makepkg: correctly handle hg sources with updates on a non-default branch
      makepkg: fix bash 5 compatibility when packaging symlinks to a directory
      meson: fix build of executables with nonstandard libarchive path
      makepkg: use more schema.sh to clean the environment of special variables
      scripts: protect against unintended glob matching in [[ ]] RHS
      libmakepkg: fix missing or inaccurate interdependencies
      libmakepkg: install pkg-config file
      makepkg: propagate error codes when package failed to sign correctly
      libmakepkg: add lint_config to validate SRCEXT/PKGEXT
      doc: update SRCEXT/PKGEXT to reduce needlessly scary warnings
      makepkg: move config loading into libmakepkg
      makepkg: also move restore_envvars handling into libmakepkg
      bash-completion: use POSIX character classes in regular expressions
      meson: bump the minimum supported version of meson to 0.51
      meson: use not_found_message when dependencies are not found
      meson: use dependency('gpgme') exclusively
      autotools: distribute meson files
      makepkg: add rust support for *FLAGS and debug-prefix-map
      pacman-key: when refreshing gpg.conf, don't truncate option checking
      pacman-key: make sure we actually use the Web of Trust, which GnuPG doesn't.
      pacman-key: clean keys on import to remove unknown signatures
      Support file with seccomp enabled
      meson: fix libcommon being publicly exposed as a static link dependency
      meson: fix incorrect libalpm version
      meson: work around broken pkg-config file with private requires
      makepkg: do not save fflags when creating packages
      document changes between 5.1 and 5.2

Erich Eckner (1):
      makepkg: remove makedepends before installing built package

Florian Wehner (1):
      Reformatting log timestamp to include time-zone

Jan Steffens (7):
      makepkg: Simplify SPLITPKG check
      makepkg: Simplify run_package
      libmakepkg/util/option: Refactor checking to reduce code duplication
      scripts: Remove trailing semicolons
      makepkg: Only backup package variables once
      makepkg: Create a single-package packaging function
      makepkg: Make pkgdir a local

Jelle van der Waa (2):
      doc: set rootdir correctly in man pages
      doc: add man page for pacman-conf

Jonas Witschel (4):
      libmakepkg: check if PACKAGER has the expected format for WKD lookup
      signing: move key import confirmation before key_search
      signing: add ability to import keys using a WKD
      pacman-key: receive keys from WKD with -r/--recv-keys

Jouke Witteveen (1):
      libalpm: ignore .hook suffix when sorting hooks

Kevin Mihelich (1):
      Support application/gzip MIME type in extraction

Luke Shumaker (3):
      makepkg: lint_pkgver: Run even if PKGVERFUNC
      makepkg: Better error messages for versions in (check, make, opt)depends/provides/conflicts
      makepkg: check_pkgrel: Don't say "decimal" in the error message

László Várady (1):
      pacman/callback: fix buffer over-read

Mark Ulrich (1):
      libalpm: prevent 301 redirect loop from hanging the process

Matthew Sexton (2):
      pacman: pacman-conf: removed hputs macro for usage display
      pacman/pacman-conf, testpkg: Added translatable strings

Michael Straube (4):
      libalpm/dload.c: add case for CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST
      scripts/library: fix typo in README
      Move skipping of duplicate sync/remove targets into libalpm
      libalpm/add.c: move assignment into conditional in alpm_add_pkg

Olivier Brunel (2):
      alpm: Do not raise SIGINT when filesize goes over limit
      alpm: Fix SIGINT handling re: aborting download

Que Quotion (3):
      Split check_software() to libmakepkg
      Split prepare_buildenv() to libmakepkg
      Clarify that build_options only apply during build()

Rikard Falkeborn (2):
      doc: Remove double spaces
      Fix clang 8 string-plus-int warnings

Santiago Torres (2):
      Make makepkg compute sizes properly
      drop DU* config variables

Sever Oraz (1):
      Use standard, consistent units in the download progress.

ekardnam (1):
      repo-add: Add --prevent-downgrade option

morganamilo (29):
      libmakepkg: add pkgbase to linted variables
      Show install status during file search
      pacman-conf: add missing DisableDownloadTimeout
      Show group status during file search
      pacman: don't error when a group exists but all packages are ignored
      libalpm: process needed before group selection
      libmakepkg: fix linting arrays of empty strings
      libalpm: parse {check, make}depends when reading database
      libmakepkg: disallow using 'any' with other arches
      libalpm: fix minor typo in _alpm_db_usage_
      libmakepkg: move checkdepends to the correct array
      libmakepkg: centralise random arrays of pkgbuild variables
      libmakepkg: lint disallowed variables in package()
      libmakepkg: lint disallowed architecture specific variables
      fix various typos
      pacman: fix segfault when Usage is specified without a value
      pacman: refactor file match printing to their own functions
      pacman: rework the UI of -F
      pacman: fix error during -Fy
      pacman: correctly free lists
      Correctly report a download failiure for 404s
      libmakepkg: fix typo
      libalpm: resolvedep(): don't compare names twice
      libalpm: fix incorrect documentation
      libalpm: short circuit alpm_find_dbs_satisfier
      pacman: speed up deptest
      pacman: return 1 when -F <target> has no results
      libalpm: fix segfault when -Qip'ing a package
      libalpm: set errno in signing dummy functions


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