[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Touch up proto files

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 13 07:26:02 UTC 2020

On 4/12/20 5:01 PM, Daniel M. Capella wrote:
> - split: Fix erroneous $pkgname calls to use $pkgbase

It's not automatically erroneous to use $pkgname in a split package,
${pkgname[0]} is commonly the same value as $pkgbase and there's no
problem using either one. You might need to be more specific for
package_*() alone... but those invocations actually use pkgbase.... If
this is about making the current inconsistent use of both pkgbase and
pkgname all over the file, then can the commit message mention this?

At the moment it is certainly no *clearer* to the user which one they
might want to use, and why one might recommend avoiding the use of

> - VCS:
>   - Add missing fields

What is missing about them? These proto files don't need to be a
complete command reference for makepkg variables, the authoritative
documentation which people actually use is PKGBUILD(5). I'd even rather
we remove the unused ones entirely to match how we expect users to write
production PKGBUILDs. :p

At least -vcs and -split probably don't need to repeat everything which
PKGBUILD.proto has prototyped, they only really need to prototype how to
adapt a git source or split packaging function.

>   - Remove unnecessary $srcdir's

This is a stylistic choice, and cd'ing to absolute paths rooted in
$srcdir is useful if you do something like

cd "${srcdir}"/foo
cd "${srcdir}"/bar

since cd ../bar can be difficult to follow the more times you do it.

Personally, I always use $srcdir in my cd's.

>   - Move ./autogen.sh to prepare()

Running ./autogen.sh is actually one of my pet peeves, it is flatly
incorrect. GNU autotools documentation considers this to be deprecated
and you should use -- and ensure the build system uses -- autoreconf
when- and where- ever possible (which is nearly always, unless
configure.ac is missing some builtin macro, and that should be fixed).

While I agree that autogen.sh should not be run in PKGBUILD-vcs.proto's
build() function, I would change it to autoreconf -fi at the same time
as moving it to prepare.

> - 80 char line length for comments and make license note stand out

The current comments are already 80 lines, so I'm not sure what this means?

> - Add ./autogen.sh to the other proto's

Continuing on from the previous point about autotools autogen/autoreconf

For dist tarballs uploaded to ftp sites, autoreconf will have already
been run, there is no need to rerun it except for VCS packages, which is
why PKGBUILD.proto and PKGBUILD-split.proto don't have it at all. I do
not believe we should add this as it violates the expected use of
autotools for stable release tarballs.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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