[pacman-dev] [PATCH v4] libalpm: Add support for trigger dropins

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Aug 24 01:22:39 UTC 2020

Lets take a step back here...

I don't really care about the kernel use case, but more whether this
could be more generally used.   Here are other examples I came up with.

Font caches:
A package could drop a config file in /etc/font/conf.d/ to add another
directory that is to be used when building font caches.  They would also
want to add a .trigger file for the hook.

OK...  I just came up with one other example!  But I did not look too
hard at what hooks on my system actually do.

Back to the question of whether we support this.  A quick skim of the
patch shows me it is quite long, but relatively simple.  (it seems to be
doing more than just adding .trigger support - also adding drop in
directories - and this seems two patches to me...)

So, I am leaning in the direction of this being a useful addition.

Further discussion of the usefulness should not focus around the kernel
approach, but rather the general idea of the feature.


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