[pacman-dev] Planning the move to the Arch Linux Gitlab instance

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat May 2 08:29:26 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Arch Linux is setting up its own Gitlab instance.  I have been playing
around with it for the day and I think pacman should transition there.

Note: the current pacman repo on the Arch Gitlab is a playground I have
been using.  It will be deleted.

There are some features that are of interest:
 - CI on merge requests, which will catch build issues automatically.
 - Review where I can easily see what changed on resubmission
 - integrated bug tracker, patchwork, ... meaning I spend less time
updating things on multiple sites.

We can also do things like provide regular developers a namespace.  e.g.
I would own allan/* branches, and could prepare work and request merges
from branches there.

So how would we proceed?

Do we pick a date where we disable new bug submissions on the current
tracker and point towards gitlab?  Are old bug transferred after some
ruthless trimming - I don't think this can be automated...  Do we leave
it open until all bugs get closed?

The got "cleared" somewhat recently, when an update occurred.  At bit of
effort could followup al the changes needed that never were done and
clear this out.

Mailing list:
New patches would no longer appear here.  I don't know how much we can
get gitlab to report to the mailing list, or if we even want to.  The
mailing list would still serve as a good place to discuss feature
implementation in a more public way.

What is a good time for all this to happen?  Once Anatol's parallel
downloads patches are fully committed, I'd like to make a 6.0.0beta1
release to get some good coverage on these changes.  Could we move at
the same time?

Let me have opinions.


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