[pacman-dev] Bug: using --program-prefix configure option breaks makepkg

Wouter Wijsman wwijsman at live.nl
Mon May 4 14:39:42 UTC 2020

Hi Pacman team,

In the last couple of days I've been trying to build pacman for use with a homebrew sdk for the Playstation portable. The idea is for it to allow sharing of libraries for the system. To make sure this version of pacman doesn't collide with the system's, I use the --program-prefix option for the configure script, which adds "psp-" in front of all binary names.

Now when using the --program-prefix option, makepkg is no longer able to work. This because it has the name for the pacman executable name hardcoded it seems.

I compile with the following commands:
./configure --prefix=${PSPDEV} --with-buildscript=PSPBUILD --with-root-dir=${PSPDEV}/psp --program-prefix="psp-" --disable-doc
make install

For this to work, I require the following patch: https://github.com/sharkwouter/psptoolchain/blob/psp-pacman/patches/pacman-5.2.1.patch

Is there a way to prevent me from needing this patch? Besides this patch, the pacman 5.2.1 tarball build and works fine for my purposes.

P.S. I did find another small annoyance. Which is that "make install" fails if the bash completion files are already installed.

Kind regards,
Wouter Wijsman

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