[pacman-dev] Move to gitlab.archlinux.org

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 24 04:30:53 UTC 2021

Hi all,

With Arch shutting down our current git hosting in the near future, the
main repo for pacman development has moved to:


Note that the bug tracker will remain on Flyspray and patches will
remain submitted through the mailing list until such time that
registration for an Arch Gitlab account is open for the wider community.

With the move to gitlab, we now have some CI happening (though only post
push at the moment).  We currently test a bunch of configurations under
Arch, and fairly default things under Fedora and Debian.  If any of our
BSD friends want to provide an addition to the CI configuration
(.gitlab-ci.yml), I am more than happy to include it.

I will move some of the development notes (e.g. my wiki page for the
rough design of alternatives etc) into the project wiki.

I'd also like to use the project wiki as an index for Feature Requests,
and keep the bug tracker for only bugs.  The idea would be any feature
request file gets discussed, and if we deem it a suitable addition it
then gets added to the wiki.   That way we can have an annotated list of
potential future feature that anyone can see without having to sift
through a bug tracker.  Also, real bugs that need fixed will be easier
to spot.   I am thinking it best to start on this before we open up the
issue tracking on gitlab as it will clear our Flyspray bug list up quite
a lot.


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