[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v6.0.0, created. v6.0.0

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu May 20 03:38:20 UTC 2021

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v6.0.0 has been created
        at  512f08633ce695b0efdef6525d31da8aff34060f (tag)
   tagging  75eb3f4cd348c29f81645624428d02aa04dd3cbc (commit)
  replaces  v6.0.0alpha1
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Thu May 20 13:37:52 2021 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Look at those progress bars


Allan McRae (17):
      pacman-key: warn about time taken for master key generation
      get_file_pkg_ops: update comment
      doc: rename libalpm-list man page for consistency
      doc: reference all libalpm sections within libalpm man page
      doc: move missed sections from alpm_ to libalpm_
      mailmap addition
      Update copyright year
      Add link time optimization support to makepkg
      Strip LTO symbols from distributed .a/.o files
      libmakepkg: fix detection of source file names for debug packages
      Prepare translations for next release
      Silence new warning with gcc-11
      Use attribute to declare case statement fallthroughs
      Update maintainers list
      Update README for pacman-6.0
      Pull translations from Transifex
      Release 6.0.0

Anatol Pomozov (2):
      Implement TotalDownload functionality
      Remove "total download" callback in favor of generic event callback

Andrew Gregory (23):
      pacman: indicate --overwrite takes a glob
      pacman-conf: free rootdir before replacing
      plug memory leaks in _alpm_key_import
      fully free error list in check_keyring
      sighandler: initialize sigaction fields
      make alpm download config accessible without curl
      do not try to download an empty db list
      pacman: add -w to -U
      pactest.py: read options from PACTEST_OPTS
      gitlab-ci: print output and logs for failed tests
      add CACHE_FEXISTS and CACHE_FCONTENTS test rules
      pmdb: add option to skip populating file:// server
      pmtest: add ability to spawn simple http servers
      add --upgrade download tests
      skip servers with too many errors
      include retries and signatures in download count
      update NEWS for 5.2.2
      add front-end provided context to callbacks
      pmpkg: add makepkg_bytes
      pmserve: allow serving byte objects directly
      fix downloading multiple urls with XferCommand
      alpm_db_update: indicate if dbs were up to date
      call download progress callback for signatures

Dan McGee (1):
      Add support for multiple 'Architecture' values

Eli Schwartz (15):
      doc: make doxygen build from any directory
      makepkg: don't let the strip routine mess up file attributes
      support xattr when extracting packages
      doxygen: fix missing parameter name
      fix syntax error when running pacman-key --help
      remove sed command lookup and hardcoding in edit-script.sh
      makepkg: fix the use of spaces in the localname:: component of sources
      ensure tests are parsed as TAP since they are, in fact, TAP
      makepkg: add PACMAN_AUTH configurable setting for sudo elevation
      meson: make -uninstalled.pc correct
      meson: make our symlinking script more portable
      makepkg: document BUILDTOOL and BUILDTOOLVER environmental variables
      makepkg: squelch readelf warnings from debug stripping
      update old NEWS entry with bugtracker ticket reference
      update NEWS for 6.0.0 release

Emil Velikov (11):
      Remove pre libarchive 3.0 code
      Move hex_representation() to src/common
      meson: pacman-conf add missing libcommon link
      meson: use hidden symbol visiblity by default
      Remove unused SYMHIDDEN macros
      libalpm: introduce get_sync_pkg_ops() helper
      libalpm: const annotate struct pkg_operations
      libalpm: const annotate struct db_operations
      pacman: add file checksum validation against mtree
      ci: use official image
      Revert "ci: cache packages"

Jelle van der Waa (2):
      test: update mailing list url
      Update urls to not use www. for archlinux.org

Levente Polyak (1):
      makepkg: add tool details to buildinfo to aid determining flags

Mark Weiman (3):
      meson.build: Fix detection of symbols
      Add an include for signal.h when needed
      Fix build error when SIGPOLL is not available

Matti Niemenmaa (1):
      makepkg: Don't double-layer distcc on ccache

Morten Linderud (3):
      pacman-key: Close msg string in generate_master_key
      libmakepkg: Support zstd decompression for sources
      pacman-key: --refresh-keys queries WKD before keyserver

Pascal Ernster (1):
      pacman: correct length of ".files.sig" string

morganamilo (43):
      doc: remove stray doxygen comment
      doc: add doc header to alpm.h
      doc: document error
      doc: document handle
      doc: document signatures
      doc: document depends
      doc: document callbacks
      doc: document databases
      doc: document logging
      doc: document packages
      doc: document files and groups
      doc: document transactions
      doc: document misc
      doc: document alpm_list
      doc: document options
      doc: move alpm_api group to top of file
      doc: move top level items into groups
      doc: configure doxygen
      doc: update doxyfile
      doc: rename alpm_api group to alpm
      doc: add extra documentation to the man page
      doc: remove old libalpm man file
      doc: fix typos
      libalpm: remove useless if
      pacman: clean filename for downlaods
      libalpm: don't use curl's deprecated functions
      libalpm: pass the number of packages being downloaded in totaldlcb
      pacman: total download show how many packages have been download
      doc: change group names to libalpm_*
      Read targets from stdin before chrooting
      libalpm: fix total download reporting wrong total
      pacman: stop eta timer breaking allignment
      pacman: fix total bar leaking
      Always enable TotalDownload
      Only enable total progress when downloads > 1
      libalpm: fix error when installing cached packages without signatures
      Match initial download message with progress message
      remove unused variable in meson.build
      libalpm: clone data on alpm_db_set_servers
      libalpm: fix download rates becoming negative
      fix formatting mistake
      libalpm: check for duplicate filenames
      libalpm: remove unused error value


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