[pacman-dev] [PATCH 1/1] support http header to indicate an expected failure

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri May 28 02:39:07 UTC 2021

On 26/5/21 6:22 pm, Christian Hesse wrote:
> Andrew Gregory <andrew.gregory.8 at gmail.com> on Mon, 2021/05/24 11:50:
>> On 05/24/21 at 08:31pm, Christian Hesse wrote:
>>> Christian Hesse <list at eworm.de> on Fri, 2021/05/21 10:06:  
>>>> By setting an extra HTTP header 'X-Pacman-Expected-Failure' the server
>>>> can indicate that the failure is expected. The next server is tried
>>>> without error message and without increasing the server's error count.
>>>> This can be used by servers that are not expected to be complete, for
>>>> example when serving a local cache.  
>>> Any comment on this?
>>> Where to document the behavior?
>>> BTW, this is the matching branch for pacredir:
>>> https://github.com/eworm-de/pacredir/commits/404-header  
>> I'm not a fan of having this be server-side.
> Would be a perfect fit for me and my use case. :-p
> For those interested... I created simple flow charts to describe what happens
> when pacman sends its requests to pacredir.
> https://git.eworm.de/cgit/pacredir/about/FLOW.md

Thanks - that helps a bit.

I'm still confused about how pacredir updates databases from a mirror.
I can see how it gets a database update from another host.  Can you clarify?


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