[pacman-dev] Display orphaned dependecy loop in -Qdt

Shironeko shironeko at tesaguri.club
Wed Sep 8 00:28:20 UTC 2021


When I want to try something out, I often install packages with --
asdeps, and so I can easily uninstall all my changes after I'm done.
Which let me to the finding that lots of packages on my systems are
actually orphans eventhough they don't show up in -Qdt.

This seems to be happening because of dependency loops, example
includes bemenu and bemenu-wayland, xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-
portal-wlr and so on.

I understand that by the letter -Qdt is doing what it's supposed to,
but everywhere I look it is suggested as the way to find orphans, which
is incorrect. Perhaps there should be another flag, or the existing
flag can be changed so this issue is resolved?

An hacky solution I found in the BBS is below, which might be useful
for tests.

pacman -Qq | sort -u | comm -23 - <(pacman -Qeq | xargs -I PKG -P
$(nproc) pactree -lu PKG | sort -u)


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