has anyone built the script to find uninstalled optional dependencies?

Ike Stoddard isaac.a.stoddard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 08:32:03 UTC 2022

The problem: system restoration. I am rebuilding a server. In doing so, I
can get a list of missing packages per the Wiki instructions. Thanks for
that. However, to get the optional dependencies to be listed, in order to
build appropriately, that set of data seems to be unavailable. It is not in
pacman.log, though other helpful data is ("[ALPM-SCRIPTLET]" tags it).

I have downloaded the mailing list archives, and grepped them for optdeps,

In late 2009, someone had the intention to create the subject script.

Did that ever happen? Or did it enter the companion tools and I have not
yet found it?

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