[arch-dev-public] Getting to New Arch SCM Layout and Repo Management

Tom K tom at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 28 03:01:28 EDT 2007

Paul Mattal wrote:
> PUBLICIST - I am committed to organizing this project, and will
> continue to post status to the arch-dev-public list for all to see.
> However, not everyone looks here. We need someone who will deliver
> the news about this project and the status as it progresses to the
> forums, the IRC channel, and the other mailing lists. This won't be
> a time-consuming job, but will require someone who has knowledge and
> facility with all the communications channels used in the Arch
> community and who can focus on getting the word out.

Sign me up, Paul. I'm in all the right places for that one.


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