[arch-dev-public] Getting to New Arch SCM Layout and Repo Management

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sun Apr 29 22:04:30 EDT 2007

Alexander Baldeck wrote:
> Aaron Griffin wrote:
>>> SYSADMIN - An existing Arch developer who will manage the Linux box
>>> I provide and the accounts for the SCM system. This person should
>>> have at least a small amount of time each day to handle management
>>> tasks related to the project.
>>> DEVELOPERS - There will be some straight-up development work needed
>>> to get us from the SCM system and layout to an actual management
>>> system for repos. We may benefit from some work already done by
>>> others (pacman3, AUR, main site repo management tools) but we will
>>> need to do some original coding here. I will be somewhat involved in
>>> the design and coding, but will choose three (3) people to help with
>>> development. ANYONE is a potential candidate.. send me and email and
>>> tell me why you'd make a good candidate. Focus on good ideas you
>>> have for the system, languages you're comfortable in, how much of
>>> Getting Things Done (GTD) you've implemented for yourself, and
>>> amount of time you'll have to give to the project in June and July.
> I'd volunteer for the above two. On the other hand, you named quite a 
> few advantages over the old layout.
> I guess you don't really know what it should look like in detail yet eh?

I'm not sure exactly what it will look like yet.. I certainly have some
ideas, but I want to enter the design process with a truly open mind.
Many of the goals are things I know I need in a system and are things I
can imagine a system implementing well in a limited timeframe.

I have observed and participated in the thinking process in the
arch-repos google group and have faith that whatever that process yields
will be a really good consensus on what is the best course of forward
action on the SCM piece. I know phrakture has already done some thinking
and some implementing on the repo management piece, and I'll want to see
what he has done and what advice he has to offer.

Thanks for volunteering interest! Right now, the immediate need may be
for a sysadmin. I'm hoping to get our "home base" up and running this
week and then there'll be plenty of setup to do on it.

- P

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