[arch-dev-public] new gcc compiler in testing, better java support now

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Mon Apr 30 09:10:00 EDT 2007

A new compiler snapshot has been uploaded to testing. Lots of new
things, many bugfixes, etc. The most important thing here is that
gcc-gcj uses eclipse-ecj to compile itself and all programs compiled
with gcj. This makes gcc-gcj completely java 5.0 compatible. This
package also includes a web plugin, which is far from completed though.
This is important for AMD64 users, as Sun doesn't provide one in the
official jre package.

As a downsides of all these patches, libgcc_s.so now exports a GCC_4.2.0
symbol that wasn't in older releases. Be very careful with this one when
building packages for extra/current or community with these compilers,
as binaries that link in this versioned symbol will fail to run on older
libgcc_s.so libraries.

If all is fine with these new compilers, I'll move them into current and
extra in a short while.

Happy compiling!

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