[arch-dev-public] [arch-dev] Getting to New Arch SCM Layout and Repo Management

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sun Apr 29 12:43:37 EDT 2007

Dan McGee wrote:
>> 6) The system will allow anyone with SCM access to register as a
>> maintainer for a package.
> So if I read this right (or at least the way I was thinking), there
> can be multiple maintainers for a package? I think this is the right
> route to take- strict ownership of a package seems unnecessary.

This is correct, though when I re-read this goal I realized I need to
make that clearer! The idea is that anyone with SCM access can register
as a maintainer (really a "regular contributor") on this package, so
that when group thinking or decision making needs to happen for the
package, you know who to coordinate with. This encourages more people to
become involved in more packages that interest them. It also discourages
people from holding onto ones they have grown tired of, which I believe
is an equally important effect.

> One of the things I noticed after being "inducted" as a dev was the
> sparsely documented and slightly cobbled together toolchain. I think
> if we are switching to a new system and layout, we should do it right
> from the beginning and make the tools easy to understand, documented,
> and able to work anywhere- not just on gerolde. In addition, pacman,
> developer, and server side tools should work in harmony.

Exactly my intent. You are a perfect fit for a developer on this
project. The goal is, indeed, to make this the seamless equivalent of
pacman for doing the other half. In fact, I was thinking we might want
to call the most visable commandline tool "repoman". Very glad to have
someone active on pacman development aboard, since the two really are
halves of the same puzzle.

My goal for next week is to get the box up and running, and to continue
to flesh out some thoughts. My sandbox for this so far for this is at:


If you would like commit access, send me (privately) an htpasswd -n
line. Welcome aboard!

- P

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