[arch-dev-public] Repository rebuilding

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Aug 9 15:57:02 EDT 2007

Thursday 09 August 2007, Jan de Groot wrote:
 | As some of us have noticed, there's a new toolchain in current
 | now. One of the new features is GNU hashing for library symbols.
 | This should speed up linking libraries together. To get full
 | advantage of this hashing, the ideal thing would be to have
 | everything built using GNU hashing on your system. I would suggest
 | a full repo rebuild for this.
you mean having 


as standard for any ld?

i read it would increase speed up to 50%, sounds great! is it backward 
compatible? no, right? how do debuggers deal with this? do they 
already know it? (or we need to update/fix them first?)

 | Another reason for a full repo rebuild would be the bugs we get
 | regarding old packages. Last week we had such a package which had
 | been imported in the repositories 3 years ago and needs libstdc++5
 | to function now. I looked at it and it doesn't even build with the
 | current compiler we have. This would be the ideal opportunity to
 | get rid of packages that don't compile anymore, or to get them
 | fixed.
ah! more cleanup! if you keep my apostrophe, i'm joining your 
late-summer-cleanup team *big smile* 

sounds interesting :D

 | Compared to operation libtool-slay we had over a year ago, this
 | operation is much more work, but we won't have to pass through
 | testing: the rebuilds don't break anything and the packages remain
 | compatible with eachother.

means every pkg containing a lib has to be rebuilt? as it is not 
breaking anything, i'm for doing it!

side-question: can we try to rebuild the world on a server with one of 
this fancy auto-build-tools we played some time ago and see how fine 
this works? would mean less uploading and an excellent test-case for 
the auto-build tool, right?



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