[arch-dev-public] glib2 status

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Fri Dec 7 03:27:01 EST 2007

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> Onderwerp: [arch-dev-public] glib2 status
> Hi,
> Currently, on x86_64, glib2 is in the core repo and is at version
> 2.14.4-1.  However, on i686,  we have glib2 2.14.2-2 in extra and glib2
> 2.14.3-1 in
> testing.
> Does anyone know why the core move hasn't been done on i686 yet?
> I believe it had enough sign-offs. Is it an oversight?
> Also, why the glib2 in x86_64 core is more up-to-date than the i686
> testing one? There was no sign-off thread for glib2 2.14.4-1.  Is it
> more
> up-to-date on x86_64 because gtk2 and associated packages are more up-
> to-date on x86_64?

I didn't update i686 yet for the package updates I did last weekend.
Eventually, glib2 has to be removed from both testing and extra and should
be added to core for i686. I updated to core on x86_64 as I wanted the gtk2
package to depend on the latest version and have the move done from extra to
core. I didn't ask for signoff for this one for a reason though: by the time
we have it signed off and I have moved it into core there's a new version
already. Besides, glib2 is not a critical core package, because it's a
makedepend for syslog-ng only. Syslog-ng doesn't change because of a glib2
upgrade, as it is compiled static. I did some runtime tests with the new
glib2 and gtk2 packages and all worked fine.

I'll see what I can do with the i686 packages this weekend, hope to shorten
the difflist.

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