[arch-dev-public] glib2 status

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 7 13:08:19 EST 2007

On Dec 7, 2007 3:27 AM, Jan de Groot <jan at jgc.homeip.net> wrote:
> I didn't ask for signoff for this one for a reason though: by the time
> we have it signed off and I have moved it into core there's a new version
> already.

OK, but we've made it policy that ANY core package at ANY time
requires signoffs.  You can't just decide to circumvent this on a whim
because it'd be inconvenient for you - at the very least bring it up
on the ML first for discussion.  This policy is there for a reason.

> Besides, glib2 is not a critical core package

Every core package is a critical core package. That's the whole POINT of core.


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