[arch-dev-public] Status Report: 2007-12-11

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Thu Dec 20 14:52:40 EST 2007

> > * Getting rid of CVS
> >
> > Last status report, I pointed this guy out. Roman responded with a vote for
> > Jason's SVN proposal.
> >
> > In summary:
> >
> >    * Jason has provided us with an svn solution, where sub-directories control
> >      the location of the package (i.e. package-name/repos/extra/PKGBUILD will
> >      place the package into extra)
> >    * Dan has provided us with a git solution that uses named branches to control
> >      the location (i.e. a branch named "testing" has changes to PKGBUILDs
> >      present only in the testing repo)
> >
> > I'm going to put my weight behind Jason's SVN proposal too, for the following
> > reasons:
> >
> >    * There is no reason to manage our packages in a distributed manner
> >    * SVN will be an easier transition for some users and developers unfamiliar
> >      with the esoteric commands of git.
> >    * It has a real implementation
> >    * One can use the git-svn porcelain on top of this, to still get the full
> >      power if git if they so wish.
> >
> > So, the next steps: Jason, can you provide us with some more details on your
> > implementation, or perhaps something on gerolde as a preliminary system? I'd
> > like to setup something side-by-side for people to use and to play with a bit.
> > This way we can easily flesh out the hairier details.
> >
> > Paul, you did some similar work with repoman, yes? Do you have anything to add
> > to this topic?
> Details on Jason's implementation can be seen here:
> http://archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2007-October/002308.html
> with some simple tools to manage SVN.
> I don't know the status of repoman, but I think we can benefit from
> Phil's work on extending extrapkg (which went not much noticed at that
> time):
> http://www.archlinux.org/mailman/private/arch-dev/2007-July/005565.html
> It would be nice to have a single utility (or set of "one task"
> scripts) that will manage all we need.
> (integrate Jason's and Phil's work into repoman? just because
> "repoman" is cool name :-P)

In light of Roman's response, what exactly do you need?  I can regenerate
everything as of right now if you like and then make it available through

I don't know how I can explain the implementation any more...

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