[arch-dev-public] rc-kernels for x86_64

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Mon Jul 2 11:33:24 EDT 2007

Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Hi,
> I built 2.6.22-rc5 and modules for x86_64. I used the same PKGBUILDs
> that tpowa used and built all modules that he has in his repos (except
> the ones that are not available in arch64 repos, like fcpci and ltmodem
> those won't build anyway).
> Because of some header changes in 2.6.22, fglrx is also missing, it
> doesn't build on x86_64 right now. If anyone is interested, please send
> me a fix.

I have issues with either your madwifi or my customly built one:

$ modprobe ath-pci
ath_hal: (AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, RF5111, RF5112, RF2413, RF5413)
wlan: (svn r2435)
ath_pci: (svn r2435)
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:03:00.0[A] -> Link [LK1E] -> GSI 21 (level, 
low) -> IRQ 21
PCI: Setting latency timer of device 0000:03:00.0 to 64
MadWifi: HAL ABI mismatch; driver expects 0x7013100, HAL reports 0x6090700
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:03:00.0 disabled

For some reason the HAL (?!) abi is expected to be newer than the one 
found in the kernel. No idea what's going on exactly but why did it work 
with .21?



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