[arch-dev-public] why?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Jul 19 12:59:53 EDT 2007

hi all,

i was just reading this suggestion by Pierre and i can follow all the 
thoughts. here the comments from my side:

* i strongly agree, that the decision if something is in current or 
extra should be made after some rules. this rules actually existed 
earlier... kind of between devs (we were not so much as nowadays) but 
unfortunately, i cannot find a list with this rules ;)
the thing is: earlier it was only some devs working on current... i 
till now do not have (and do not need) write access to current. since 
all my pkgs are not system-related and all in extra. of course the 
more people are involved, the bigger something gets, the better 
should be de rules written down... this we need to solve first ... 
before or instead of trying to revolutionise things ;)

* nothing in current can depend on anything in extra or another repo. 
this was one of this rules. if we have now such situations, either we 
have to move the deps to current or we trow the pkg causing the 
conflict out of current. 

* if something is not freely distributable by archlinux, then we 
should not have it at all in an official repo! i cannot think of 
anything to fall into this category... but i'm not aware of all the 
pkgs we have in the repos... if something is not freely distributable 
by us and is in the repos, please point to it - we should stop 
distributing it or find an agreement with the authors.

* i strongly disagree to put pkgs in to repos according to their 
licence! licence management should be happening in pacman or by an 
external tool keeping track of this things. the only exception is 
that if we are not allowed to distribute something, we should not. 
but then, this thing should be in no repo at all!

* why renaming the current repo? current and extra make perfectly 
sense in the KISS approach to me.



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