[arch-dev-public] An introduction to gooeydo

Phil Dillon-Thiselton dibblethewrecker at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 08:56:53 EDT 2007

On 27/07/07, Damir Perisa <damir.perisa at solnet.ch> wrote:
> Friday 27 July 2007, Phil Dillon-Thiselton wrote:
>  | Now, if all DEs had a facility for setting the run as root
>  | application, on a per user and even system wide basis, then we'd
>  | be talking! But what about WMs that just crib the .desktop files
>  | for desktop menus (openbox)? I can't see them wanting to include
>  | that sort of functionality.
> how do they handle "run in terminal" options that can also be
> specified in desktop files? i wonder, because desktop files are not
> only menu entries but have also icon and categories and so on... so
> adding a wrapper for su/sudo/.. would be quite easy.
> kde has even the option "run as different user" in its menu entry
> options
>  | It's one of those awesome Linux grey areas where sheer variety
>  | causes standardisation problems.
> i would say lack of implementation rules causes it this time. if
> somebody wants to implement desktop files as source to running files
> based on them, this person should implement also things like run as
> different user / su.
>  | If no-one has any particular objections to this approach I'd be
>  | keen to throw it out and start implementing it ASAP. The
>  | dichotomous situation with wifi-radar and gparted is already icky
>  | enough for a "fix".
> one detail: how do you want this wrapper to work? the desktop files
> stay the same, right? or do you edit them to contain gooeydo instead
> of su/sudo/kdesu/.../?

The latter - I don't see how else we can do?  James and I came up with
this one morning so I'm not saying it's the ultimate solution, we
could have overlooked plenty.

> i still think, this should be dealt by the apps using desktop
> entries ... :-)

So do I...but how long will that take?


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