[arch-dev-public] An introduction to gooeydo

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Fri Jul 27 08:48:04 EDT 2007

Friday 27 July 2007, Phil Dillon-Thiselton wrote:
 | Now, if all DEs had a facility for setting the run as root
 | application, on a per user and even system wide basis, then we'd
 | be talking!  But what about WMs that just crib the .desktop files
 | for desktop menus (openbox)?  I can't see them wanting to include
 | that sort of functionality.
how do they handle "run in terminal" options that can also be 
specified in desktop files? i wonder, because desktop files are not 
only menu entries but have also icon and categories and so on... so 
adding a wrapper for su/sudo/.. would be quite easy. 
kde has even the option "run as different user" in its menu entry 

 | It's one of those awesome Linux grey areas where sheer variety
 | causes standardisation problems.
i would say lack of implementation rules causes it this time. if 
somebody wants to implement desktop files as source to running files 
based on them, this person should implement also things like run as 
different user / su. 

 | If no-one has any particular objections to this approach I'd be
 | keen to throw it out and start implementing it ASAP.  The
 | dichotomous situation with wifi-radar and gparted is already icky
 | enough for a "fix".

one detail: how do you want this wrapper to work? the desktop files 
stay the same, right? or do you edit them to contain gooeydo instead 
of su/sudo/kdesu/.../?

i still think, this should be dealt by the apps using desktop 
entries ... :-)

good luck,



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