[arch-dev-public] License cleanup

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 31 22:47:44 EDT 2007

Hey guys,

You may have noticed I added license information to a handful (~27ish)
packages in [extra] - this email is just to keep you informed as to
what I'm doing.

Right now, I'm just adding license fields where I can.  For many of
them, I'm simply searching Gentoo's package search and adding the
licenses that come up there.  If the package in question isn't in
Gentoo's tree, I've been looking at the website and downloading
sources.  For custom licenses, I'm even adding the command at the end
of the build() function to install the license to the proper directory.

What I'm NOT doing:
. Rebuilding any of these packages - I doubt users would appreciate
needing to redownload their whole systems to get updated license
information only.
. Updating any of these packages to newest version - I've already come
across a couple that are definitively out of date, one whose sources I
couldn't even download to add the proper license-installation
instruction into the build() method.  I'm not updating these - the
point of what I'm doing is to add licenses, not make our entire repo
uptodate.  Maybe that'll come later. ;)

In any case, I think I'm done for tonight; I'm feeling pretty tired.  If
anyone wants to join me in this crusade, check out my thread entitled
"Useful Scripts", grab the script that checks for bad licenses, and
give it a run in your cvs dir for extra or unstable or community
(making sure to run cvs update first!) - that'll give you a niiiice
long list of packages that need tending to.


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