[arch-dev-public] wireless modules up for grabs

James iphitus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 08:36:16 EDT 2007

On 6/15/07, Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> wrote:
> James schrieb:
> > I'll keep maintaining them, but if anyone wants them or thinks they
> > can do a better job, lemme know, and I'll orphan them for you.
> >
> > * ipw3945 - only needs to be maintained until iwl3945 is stable (not yet).
> I use it on my laptop, so I could do it. I am also regularly testing
> iwl3945.

Ok, you're more in touch with the kernel scene, so maybe it'd be
better if you took it rather than neotuli?

> > * tiacx - there's kernel patches in -mm, these are probably better as
> > the external module is infrequently updated.
> I have such a card (acx100, 802.11b), but I don't use it. I could use it
> to test the card though. There are currently 3 drivers, legacy (from the
> homapage), softmac (in -mm afaik, but I think it will not be maintained
> anymore) and a mac80211 version. We need to find out which one works
> best and which one we can built out-of-tree.

I tried to build the -mm one out of tree, and really didn't have much
success. Currently we have the legacy in the repos, but we've got so
few users of it, I've got no idea whether it works or not. The
snapshot is from early this year, so i wouldnt be surprised if it was
bust on newer kernels.

Didnt even know about the mac80211 version.

> > * rt2500 - had hardware for this, but it's bust now.
> I have such a card on my old laptop, which I don't use anymore right
> now, but I will maybe use it as a server soon.
> > * rt2x00-* - will be in 2.6.22 from wireless-git?
> rt2x00 development has been stalled for a while due to the main author
> being busy with real life. The CVS port to built out-of-tree is always
> out of date afaik, but the author suggested to me to use it anyway.
> Maybe we can pull the code directly from the -git tree.

The CVS one hasnt been updated for ages since moving to git, and i
think at one stage, it was intentionally broken to encourage a move to
the git one...

> The driver won't merge before 2.6.24 as far as I see the situation

damn. i was hoping to see that one in so we could drop the external
packages and not worry about it.

Maybe we ought to backport mac80211+drivers to 2.6.22? That'll give us
the newest tiacx and rt2x0. Fedora backported it to 2.6.21 for Fedora
7, so it's not unreasonable.

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