[arch-dev-public] Repoman Update: 5/9/07

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Wed May 9 19:29:32 EDT 2007

I wanted to update everyone on current progress on the Repoman
project! You can review the project manifest from my April post:


The big objectives for the past week were:

* getting 7 people on board for the project:
  sysadmin, publicist, 3 developers, 2 community members

* getting the development box up and working

* spread the word about the project

So far we have 3 people on board! Better than I expected, actually--
good people are the hardest thing to find.

Tom Killian - PUBLICIST
Alexander Baldeck - DEVELOPER

For now, I will act as sysadmin, but we're still looking for another
developer and some community members to agree to be part of the
project! Please read the project manifest from above and let me know
if you are interested.

After a small fight with the 0.8 installer and RAID, we now have a
development box home for repoman. It's at repoman.mattal.com for now
unless/until we decide to make it repoman.archlinux.org.

TomK, Dan, and Alexander, send me your preferred username and a
temporary password privately, and I'll set you up shell accounts.

We also have a source code repository. It currently lives on another
box, which has an SSL certificate, so it may stay there for at least
a while:


This is world readable. Right now it only contains some notes and
musings, but later it will hold our source code. Alexander and TomK,
send me an htpasswd -n line and I'll give you commit access. Feel
free to add things as you see fit.

I hereby ask Aaron, King of Mailman, to create a
repoman at archlinux.org mailing list for our group, using me as owner.
Let's start with one list until we should happen to need more. Once
that's in place, I'll stop doing updates on this list and start
doing them there.

We should all continue to spread the word about the project. I'd
especially still like to find one more developer and a sysadmin
immediately. We may involve some of the other devs informally and
give them svn commit access as it makes sense, but I think having a
core team of three developers PLUS me will put us in a good
situation for starting.

TomK, can you spread the word in the forums and the IRC and
elsewhere where we may not have covered? We should probably also
have a webpage for the project.. if you can tool up some simple
HTML, I'll install apache on the server and you can drop it in.

Finally, we should all continue to think about the SCM system, as it
will be the underpinnings for repoman. It's been a busy week for me,
so I need to go catch up on the google group exchanges. It seems
like svn is winning, and it's mostly about the details of how to
arrange things.

- P

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