[arch-dev-public] Core Issue in Multiple Architecture

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Thu May 10 08:13:53 EDT 2007

eliott at cactuswax.net wrote:
> I see a potential third option. That is.. Separate the x86_64 branch into
> its own support structure, effectively creating a sister distribution.
> They would manage pkgbuilds for that architecture, again separate from
> i686.
> Still provide infrastructure, but maybe make them a bit more self
> operating. More like providing a 'project' status to it, than making it
> part of mainline. When that branch reaches enough critical mass, and has
> enough support devs, *then* merge it into more of a single umbrella
> distribution. At that point, the supporting tools and underlying workflow
> *should* be more capable of dealing with needs. My fear is that the x86_64
> branch may have been brought on board before there was sufficient
> infrastructure and support for it in the core distribution.

Agreed, this is a third option.

The downsides are:
  1) The i686 and x86_64 can go far afield. Essentially it can become
two separate distros without some system for syncing up.
  2) The x86_64 fork can't easily capitalize on much of the existing
duplicative i686 developer work.
  3) Eventually i686 will die. There will be no migration path for the
core distribution. I suppose all those devs at that time can just jump
over to the x86_64 project. But I would prefer a smoother migration.

So yes, this is a viable option, but it potentially requires the most
overall manpower of any of the solutions.

- P

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