[arch-dev-public] Beginning: arch projects

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu May 10 16:09:59 EDT 2007

So I've been trying to get together this "arch projects" interface for
some time now.

In essence, the "interface" is is a chunk of python modules to help
with creation of projects in a similar vein as code.google.com and
repo.or.cz.  I have made a *ahem i-suck-at-css ahem* python cgi
overlay, but that's still incomplete.

For now, however, I've begun the backend setup.  This will live here:

For now, this is all kinda manual - but if you want a repo or project
setup, I can do that.  In the future, developers will be able to
create this stuff themselves and add other users from the community to
the access list (without needing a shell account on gerolde).

I've been trying to finish this up in between everything else, and
it's slow going, but almost there.  The initial release won't have any
sort of bug tracking support, because I'd rather not write my own -
I'd much rather integrate an external bug tracker into the mix... but
that gets complicated.

I know I keep saying "soon" and I said "1 week" about 3 weeks ago...
but a lot of other things keep getting in my way.  This is more a
"heads up" mail, and to point out that if you want some crap on
gerolde, I'm beginning to setup the infrastructure.


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