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Here we go... oh, and remember: theres the IRC meeting tomorrow afternoon...

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Subject: [LT07-Pro-Announce] Infomail #5, May 11, 2007

Dear Projects,

we have details about the booths, and... but please read on!

 o Deailed Booth Planing
 o Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery
 o Setting up the Booth
 o Security / Insurance
 o Advertisement at Sponsored Booths
 o Application for Sub-Exhibitors
 o Project Workshops / BoFs
 o Key Signing
 o Accommodation
 o Social Event

Thank you for your logos and stuff - we fed it into the pipeline for the

1. Detailed Booth Planing

Thank to our partner Messe Berlin we have detailed views of quite a
number of islands and booths. Those which are mising will appear about
noon of May 14th. You can review these sketches here:


Please tell us until May 15th, 2007 (via mail to projects at linuxtag.org)
what you think - is everything all right?

2. Cruising the Area of Messe Berlin for Delivery

You will see - Messe Berlin is a far and wide area, nearly a planet of
its own. If you arrive there for delivery with your vehicle, make sure
to have a deposit of 50,- EUR in cash ready at hand. It allows you to
drive on the area for one hour.

We will send you more detailed information about delivery and unloading
with the next Infomail.

3. Setting up the Booth

Wednesday, 30th, LinuxTag will open its doors. There will be a kind of
opening ceremony, and most likely some VIP will come for this and visit
the fair. We all want to give a good impression, so your booth does need
to be ready at this morning! We ask you to set up your booth on Monday,
28th, or Tuesday, 29th. With two whole days (from 7 am to 10 pm) we have
enough time to sort things out, and are not in a hurry while visitors
come to visit your booth.

4. Security / Insurance

Let us remind you to take care for your stuff at the booths and islands.
We try our best to organise a lockable storage room for your hardware
and other things which need not to be at the stand. Please give us time
to the middle of next week, when we have a meeting with our partners at
Messe Berlin.

However you can contract insurance for hardware and stuff, including
transportation at your own cost, provided by the
"Ausstellungsgut-Versicherung". You can find this document here:


Generally speaking it may be a good idea to scan through the list of
services and order forms, offered by Messe Berlin:


5. Advertisement at Sponsored Booths

For LinuxTag organization it gets harder to decide for some projects
whether it will get a booth (sponsored by LinuxTag) or we have to charge
them for it because of its strong commercial background. This decision
is not easy to make and differs in each case, but we try to make it fair
for everybody.

Therefore we have to insist on a special agreement with the projects
exhibiting at a booth free of charge: advertising for associated
companies is not allowed at project booths sponsored by LinuxTag!

It is not allowed to display brochures or price lists or hang-up posters
for affiliated companies. Of course you can still present your projects
flyers, brochures, DVDs or other promotional material with logos from

If your company wants to get promoted at your project booth, please
encourage it to contact us for information about sponsoring options.
Several companies already used this option to advertise at affiliated
project booths.

If you have any questions, even after reading the FAQ entry, about
advertising at your booth feel free to contact us.

6. Application for Sub-Exhibitors

While looking at the FAQ... If you plan to host another project at your
booth, you need to ask us beforehand. This is usual business at fairs.
As long this does not have a commercial background we don't see much
problems here. By asking us for permission this project will get known
to a wider public, because we require information about this
sub-exhibitor to put this on our website, like the other projects, too.

7. Project Workshops / BoFs

We still have quite some slots left for workshops. What's up? Keep in
mind that LinuxTag has to book rooms for this, the ultimate deadline
will be reached next week: Wednesday, May 17th, 2007.

8. Keysigning Party

Maybe a good chance to meet people, but definitely perfect to strengthen
your Web of Trust! The party will be on Friday, June 1st, at 14:00.
Please see


for all the details. Alexander Wirt will organise this event. If you
want to participate, please read carefully his instructions for sending
in key-ids and such. As usual, the party will be conducted using Len
Sassaman's efficient group key signing method.

9. Accommodation

We are very sorry but there is no gym available far and wide in the
whole urban district. If you belie us, please tell us so.

Please insert hints about recommendable accommodation and any other
interesting stuff into the LinuxWiki, initiated by Sven Guckes.

10. Social Event

We will have a get-together! LinuxNacht will begin on Thursday, May
31th, 2007, from 7:00 p.m. on, at the Umspannwerk in Kreuzberg. For more
details please follow this link:


Community members will have the opportunity to buy sponsored tickets (15
EUR per ticket). Don't wait too long, because we only have a limited
number of those! You can order them by sending a mail to the usual
projects address and tell us the number (reasonable amounts only).
Booked tickets should be available (in return to money) at the projects
office on Monday, 28th, 2007.

Hey, the event gets closer and closer! Do you feel it, too, geting more
and more fidgety ;-)

Susanne Pfeifer, Wolfgang Drotschmann, Marko Jung & Martin Schulte
Project Committee LinuxTag 2007

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