[arch-dev-public] Driver Maintainers

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Fri May 11 14:22:43 EDT 2007

Hey all,

as you may have noticed I picked up X.org from Jan to take some load off 
of his shoulders. I'm very proficient in doing the whole X.org thing 
since I've done so over a phase of like 3 years in a professional 

Then again, testing quickly became a problem. I can't possibly come up 
with all the hardware to actually more than just build-install-test most 
in x11-drivers. I would suggest that we assign TUs who have these 
chipsets as testers or even maintainers. We could even drive this 
further with other packages where we didn't do so yet:

* lirc
* madwifi
* wlan-ng


It would further go into the direction of packaging divisions and raise 
quality of our packages. Opinions? Ideas how this can be implemented 
without changing our system to much and everybody still being fine with it?



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