[arch-dev-public] we want to give x86_64 a new direction

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sat May 12 03:20:34 EDT 2007

maybe the the topic was not the best that you missunderstand it. we
don't want to become something completely different. 

we just want to put the x86_64 port 2-4 weeks behind i686. just too
lower our workload that we not have to build all those "damn we have to
fix this quickly" packages that hit the stable i686 repos without
enough testing. we just want to "abuse" i686 as our testing tree :P

and sometimes i want to leave out a few packages of less usage. but
this is probably no more needed after the repo cleanup.

nothing more. 

forcing us into the same scm tree makes us a bit unflexible. so i would
prefer to have an own tree back again. but i could also imagine to keep
one common scm where we just "tag" our versions a bit behind i686.

so i don't see a big problem in allowing us these small changes. we
don't want to turn arch64 into a completly different distribution.

if you are fine with that i want to bring up 2 new packagers as a first


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