[arch-dev-public] mkinitcpio 0.5.14

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat May 12 13:30:31 EDT 2007

I released mkinitcpio 0.5.14 today. Here is a short, incomplete changelog:

- drops you into a fallback shell if the root device couldn't be found
- modprobe is now in /sbin instead of /bin. As this is consistent with
the main system, we do not have to change it back before calling kinit.
Therefore kernel module autoloading can still be done while kinit is
running, may fix some rare issues. I also updated klibc-udev, mdadm,
cryptsetup and lvm2 to use the new path and added a symlink in /bin just
to be sure
- a small bugfix to allow shared objects to be used in BINARIES (came up
when archboot tried to add portmap, which according to file is not an
executable, but a shared object, wtf?).
- more bug fixes (and bugfixes to fox bugfixes)

This should be on the Duke iso, too.

Have fun

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