[arch-dev-public] PyQT4?

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Nov 13 08:51:14 EST 2007

Hi Pierre,

what about PyQT4? 

i realised you rebuilt the pyqt we have (still in version 3.x) against 
qt3 and put it in testing.

shouldn't it be renamed to pyqt3 and pyqt updated to version 4.y?

i realised it while updating qwt and qwtplot3d to built against qt4 
and move them from /opt/qt to /usr (qtiplot needs update/rebuild but 
it depends newly on qt4 AND pyqt4 now). don't touch this pkgs 
(qtiplot build system is quite messy), i will proceed as soon as 
pyqt4 is ready.

what is your opinion on pyqt4? 
do we update pyqt and make a new pyqt3 pkg? 
or are we making a pyqt4 pkg and leave the pyqt to 3.x?

have to go, read you later,


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